Friday, July 27, 2012

COCKTAIL TIME ~ The Dressing Drink...

We call it the Dressing Drink ladies… A concoction introduced to me by my dear neighbor Ellen. Every woman wants a little something to sip while dressing for an evening out… just chillin’ on your favorite rooftop… or grillin’ in the back yard. It’s a little something that brings joy and delight to the buds. So go ahead ladies – mix it up and enjoy in your favorite glass over crushed ice.

Mix together in a shaker…
1/2 – Fresh Lemon, squeeze all of the juice
4 parts – Your favorite Vodka 
(preferably smooth)
2 parts – Sprite or 7-Up
2 parts – Cranberry Juice

Option: Substitute the Sprite or 7-Up for Club Soda for a less sweet drink.

Mix well, but be careful not to shake too hard or the soda might splatter. You can stir it up with a spoon too.

The Finishing Touch…
Pour over crushed ice in your 
favorite glass.


Ellen V. for Lulu B’s Kitchen
© 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have my cousin Angie to thank for turning me on to chicken tikka masala a long time ago at Haveli in New York City… Since then, it’s been a love affair with my favorite Indian dish ­– savory chicken tikka masala. I have tasted chicken tikka masala at several Indian restaurants in search of the perfect recipe. Although most versions of masala are creamy and smooth, I gave my recipe a chunkier, hearty sauce rich with fresh vegetables. Simmered to perfection, the mouth-watering aroma of traditional Indian spices fills my kitchen – leaving me wanting to dig in!

In a Large Pot…
4 - Tablespoons of Olive Oil
1 - Medium Onion, chopped fine
4 - Garlic Cloves, crushed
1/2 - Jalapeño Pepper, Chopped fine
Cook the onion and garlic in the olive oil until brown.

Then Add…
1-½ Lbs. - Fresh Chicken, cut into 1” cubes
Set on low heat and let chicken cook for about 15 minutes. I use boneless thigh, but feel free to use a cut of your choice.

Then Add Spices…
1 - Teaspoon of Cumin Seeds, Ground
2 - Teaspoon of Garam Masala
1 - Teaspoon of Ginger Salt
1/2 - Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
1/2 - Teaspoon of Sea Salt
1/2  - Teaspoon of Curry Powder
1 - Teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon
3 - Teaspoons of Fresh Ginger, Grated

Mix in a separate bowl…
1 - Can of Organic Tomatoes, Mash up with hand-masher.
6 Oz. - Plain Greek Yogurt
1/4 - Cup of Light Cream
Add to the pot and stir well to combine.

Finish with…
1/4 - Cup of Fresh Cilantro, Chopped
Mix well and let simmer for about half-hour to let the flavorful spices permeate.

Serve over Basmati Rice.


Lulu B’s Kitchen
© 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Spring is in the air and fresh vegetables are back in season. I Love cooking with farm fresh, local foods to achieve the best tasting dishes with layers of flavor. My shrimp in coconut milk is made with garden fresh vegetables making this dish tasty and healthy. Enjoy over basmati rice or Thai rice noodles.

In a Large Pan…
1 – Tablespoons of Dark Sesame Oil
2 – Cups of String Beans, cleaned and cut (or use a green vegetable of choice)
Heat the oil before adding the greens. Cook the green beans in oil until brown, but still crispy.

Then Add…
1 – Small Onion, chopped
4 – Garlic Cloves, chopped or crushed
Cook the onion and garlic until brown. Remove the vegetables from the pan, set aside.

Add to the Pan…
2 – Tablespoons of Dark Sesame Oil
1 Lb. – Fresh Shrimp, cleaned
1 – 13.6 Oz. Can of Thai Coconut Milk
Heat the oil and then add shrimp, cook for about 1 minute until shrimp starts turning pink. Quickly add the coconut milk to the pan.

Then Add…
1/4 – Cup of Fresh Cilantro, chopped
1 – Teaspoon of Thai Ginger Salt
1 – Teaspoon of Jalapeno Pepper, finely chopped
Mix together and place the cooked vegetables back in the pan. Let simmer for about 5-minutes to allow the flavors to infuse.

Finish with…
fresh ground pepper to taste…

For a vegetarian dish, eliminate the shrimp and replace with vegetables, such as fresh, chopped zucchini, carrots, peas, broccoli or your favorite seasonal vegetable.


Lulu B’s Kitchen
© 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I made this simple dish for my husband and he said, “Honey, if you make this every night, we never have to go out again.” Do I admit that it really was nothing??? This is a simple, healthy dish for the non-cook – impossible to go wrong with this one! Perfect for the workweek or just a snack when entertaining friends & family. Enjoy with your favorite bottle of wine. And for a vegetarian dish, eliminate the Prosciuttos and voilà!

Preheat oven to 350°

Prepare the following on a parchment-lined cookie sheet…
2 - Naan, Indian Flatbread.
Brush flatbread with a mixture of Olive Oil and Fig Balsamic Vinegar.
Fig Goat Cheese – spread generously on the flatbread.
1 - Vine Ripe Tomato – sliced thin and placed on flatbread.
8 - Sliced Dried Figs – cut, divide among two and layer.
4 - Slices of Fine Italian Prosciuttos – cut, divide among two and layer.
Sprinkle with fresh Rosemary.

Drizzle any leftover olive oil & vinegar over the prepared flatbread and pop them into the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes.

While your flatbread is cooking…
- Chop two generous handfuls of arugula and put to the side.
- Slice about 10 Kalamatas olives

After baking, take the flatbread out of the oven – top with arugula and sprinkle with the slices olives. Cut into thirds and enjoy!


Lulu B’s Kitchen
© 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

RICE & BEANS ~ A Vegetarian Dish and Latin Classic!

I’m so fortunate to have my grandmother here to pass down her prized Latin recipes! I so love the flavors from the Caribbean ~ and this savory dish is reminiscent of visiting my Grandmother in the Dominican Republic where she lived for a short time with my Grandfather. Although I have changed this recipe for the working family to prepare in a slow cooker, this can also be cooked traditionally on a stovetop.

In a Large Crockpot…

1 - Bag of Goya Dry Beans of your choice
5 - Cups of Water
1 - Onion ~ cut in half
1 - Green Pepper ~ cut in half & seeded
2 - Tomatoes ~ cut in half
4 - Pieces of Garlic ~ grated/crushed
1/2 - Cup Fresh Cilantro ~ chopped up
2 - Teaspoons of Adobo
2 - Tablespoons of olive oil
1 - Container of Goya Sofrito

Sofrito is a traditional Spanish cooking sauce of sautéed green peppers, onion and garlic in olive oil to create this rich base.

Throw everything into a slow cooker/crockpot and let it soak overnight. Next morning, turn the slow cooker on high for 8 hours. After 8 hours, gently scoop out the onion, green pepper and tomatoes plus some of the beans. Mash them up in a bowl with a hand masher. Put the mashed vegetables back in the pot with the beans to create a thick, rich sauce ~ stir and you are done!

That was easy… Serve over rice or add to your favorite chili dish.


Lulu B’s Kitchen
© 2000

Sunday, January 29, 2012


There is nothing better than my grandmother’s homemade empanadas! As a child, I always looked forward to making these pastries filled with beef and a fusion of other fresh ingredients. Experience layers of flavor in every bite. This Latin American specialty is easy to prepare and stores well in the freezer – so you can cook them fresh any time.

My grandmother cooks to taste, so the amount of some ingredients is left to the chef…

In a Large Pot…
3 - Tablespoons of Olive Oil
1 - Large Onion
1 - Green Pepper
3 or 4 - Garlic Cloves, chopped or crushed
Cook the onion, pepper and garlic in the olive oil until browned.

Then Add…
Ground Beef - about a pound or so, cooked
8 OZ. - Can of Tomato Sauce
Spanish Olives - about a handful, chopped
1 - Teaspoon of Adobo ~ add more to taste if needed
1/2 - Cup of Fresh Cilantro, chopped
Raisins - about a handful
Capers - about a handful
2 - Eggs ~ hard boil and chopped
Fresh Ground Pepper & Sea Salt to taste

In a large pan, heat up some olive oil – add your onions, pepper and garlic then cook until browned. Next, add the cooked ground beef, tomato sauce, olives, Adobo, etc… stir it real good!
Turn the heat off and gently fold the cilantro, raisins and eggs.
*Mix gently so that the eggs remain identifiable.
There… your stuffing is done, now go to work and finish the empanadas!

Buy the Goya pastry discs for the empanada.
Place a heaping tablespoon of meat stuffing on 1/2 of the pastry and fold over.
Use your fork tine to seal the edges so the stuffing does not fall out.

Fry in a large skillet until golden brown. I use olive oil, but you can use a vegetable or canola.

Yields about 20 enpanadas.


Lulu B’s Kitchen
© 2000

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This recipe came from my husband’s aunt in North Carolina – I’m told it’s a recipe that was enjoyed by all at most family gatherings. I left the notes in Aunt Betty’s own words, as I thought they were most appropriate for this dish. I too enjoy these spicy, cheesy, sausage balls at family gatherings! They’re great dipped in hot mustard too.

Preheat oven to 375°

What you’ll need…
1 lb. - Raw, Ground, Hot Pork Sausage
3 - Cups Bisquick
4 - Drops Tabasco Sauce
10 oz. - Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Grated

Combine all ingredients until they are mixed well. (I used a food processor to combine, but you can do this by hand as well).
Roll into bite-sized balls and bake 30 minutes on a lined cookie sheet. Serve hot as appetizers or with buffet.

Note from Aunt Betty…
Combine the ingredients with your hands, but don't overwork the dough. “Kit taught me long ago that overworked biscuit dough results in biscuits hard as rocks!” Some of the old folks around here prefer to use “mild” instead of “hot” sausage, but I much prefer the hot and don't mind the Tabasco, either. I think the reason Jeff doesn't remember these delicacies is that he did not often attend the kind of parties where somebody always brought at least one batch of these! I said to you that the balls are about the size of walnuts, but that is too big. “Bite size” is a pretty good description of what you want!

This recipe will make 2 to 3 dozen.


Lulu B’s Kitchen